The smallest objects can be scanned in 3D with millimetric precision, reproducing all the details of form and texture.
The possibility of converting a real object to virtual opens the door to a technological universe that helps us grow.
A project to regenerate a discontinued spare, with a combination of scanned and 3D printing, and with the possibility of modifying what you want.
3D model resulting from the digitization in high definition of a folding e-bike, with hyper-realistic textures.
Have you created an object with your hands and would like to reproduce it? Don’t find on the market the spare of the broken piece for your historical vehicle, boat or appliance?…
With reverse engineering, like its name says, the usual and natural process is invested to reach the manufacture of a product.
The historical-artistic heritage, public or private, is unrepeatable, we have to physically and virtually preserve it, digitize with a 3d scanner to reproduce it if necessary.
To scan an object we need to place it in front the scanner, it is obvious. To do this there are two solutions, one consist in to move the object in front the scanner and the other one is to scroll the scanner until the object.