Replica of an object, through 3D scanning and printing.

Replica of an object, through 3D scanning and printing.

Have you created an object with your hands and would like to reproduce it?
Don’t find on the market the spare of the broken piece for your historical vehicle, boat or appliance?…

Uses the advantages offered by 3D scanning and printing services.
The possibility for artists to make as many copies as necessary of an creative object, unique … printed in different materials and probably in different scaled sizes …
You can open up a new creative path, a new commercial outlet or provide the satisfaction of sharing the work with friends and family.
You can use lost-wax casting technique by creating an identical copy of your digitized work (scanned in 3D) and printed in wax.

3D scanning and printing offers the collector of historical vehicles the possibility to replicate that spare parts impossible to acquire, printed in transparent resins, plastics or various metals…

Having an original to be able for scan in 3D is enough. We take care of scanning it with maximum resolution and detail, capturing colours and textures if necessary.
Once we have digitalized the object we can reproduce – as many times as we want – through 3D printing and in a extensive range of materials.
An example of this type of reproduction can be the restoration of the missing accessories to the console of a pneumatic boat, with which we collaborated.

We take care of scanning the original object, we will prepare it for printing depending on whether it is intended to print with textures or not, if it is to strengthen its internal structure, smooth surfaces, etc., and optimize the digital file in the necessary format for the printing process and, upon request of a budget, we send it via Internet for printing on the selected material and will send back it to the address you indicate.

We can manage the printing process of your piece or you can do it yourself.