String marionette “Sant Jordi”

String marionette “Sant Jordi”

Museu de les Arts Escèniques de l’Institut del Teatre

Collection: Puppets

Type: Marionette

Author: Tozer, Harry Vernon, 1902-1999

Country: Catalonia

Date: 1937

Description: Vertical control; 14 threads; 1 manipulator
Gray mesh fabric that covers it from head to toe. Silver wooden hull. Eyes closed. Body painted silver. White medieval knight suit. In its right hand carries a sword and in its left the shield of Sant Jordi. The sole of the shoes is gray felt.

Height: 50 cm

Technique/Material: Braided linen suspension thread, plastic wood head, hands and body carved in wood, joints in oil-painted brass wire.

Show: Sant Jordi i el drac (Saint George and the Dragon), by Harry Vernon Tozer. 1945 comedy.

Harry Vernon Tozer (1902-1999) found.
He settled in Barcelona in 1925 where he became fascinated by the Catalan puppet and specialized in the marionette until he became a professor at the Theater Institute. Its fund, bequeathed in 1988, exceeds a hundred marionettes and also includes a theater with two bridges and several sets.

(Information: Museu de les Arts Escèniques de l’Institut del Teatre)

Sant Jordi amb granota

Technical characteristics of the 3D model:

3D model made with a high-resolution 3D scanner, textured with a photographic image.
The complexity in the 3D scanning of a piece like this, and of other marionettes, must be emphasized, maintaining its initial position throughout all the process.

Poligons: 75.000
Vertices: 36.788
Measures: 25,05 x 47,18 x 52,18cm (cordless)

Rendered with textures in PBR (Physically Based Rendering) format.

PBR are the initials of Physically Based Rendering. Such material, applied to the 3D model, shows the visual properties of the surface in a physically realistic way, so that realistic results are possible in all virtual lighting conditions.