3D sneaker for multimedia

Scanned and textured sneaker, optimized for multimedia content.

Below you can see the 360º interactive presentation of a sneaker-type sports shoe (used for daily use). The polygon mesh and applied textures are optimized to compose a 3D mesh with all the details but without too many polygons, so that it can be rendered smoothly in any 3D editing software for making a video file.

These types of interactive presentations, such as the one below, can be easily added to any web page and are another element to consider for digital marketing as well.

Its technical data are:
Number of polygons: 110,172
Number of vertices: 55.056
Textures in PBR format, to offer a photorealistic presence from any application or software for 3D editing.

Once the 3D presentation starts, maximize
it to full screen to observe the 360º detail