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We present you our 3D scanning service for
digitalization and cataloging of cultural heritage.
study and share unique artworks with the world.
reverse engineering.
digitalization and optimization for online sales.
3D renderings.
reproduction with 3D printing.

With high definition, thanks to high resolution scanners.
3D models optimized for viewing on any device.
Want to know more?, take a look.

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Optimization for Virtual and Augmented Reality

We optimize the virtual objects scanned in their topology (type and number of polygons) and textures (colors, relief, reflections, etc.) for the maximum compatibility with Virtual and Augmented R.
We seek the highest quality PBR textures with as small file weight as possible.

Photomontage on real photography

Virtual objects resulting from 3D scanning can be used for renderings, photomontages on real photography, on video etc.
Plenty of graphic and design possibilities.

Customized and optimized topology

A right order, optimization and organization of polygons in a 3D mesh speeds up visualization on any device, avoids errors in interactive 3D presentations and facilitates the production of textures.

Even the most hidden details

Where the scanner can see, with all the detail and precision.
Sometimes forms can be capricious, but fidelity to the original is our goal.

Hyperrealistic textures

An optimized 3D mesh must work properly and smoothly to any device, especially mobile, and any 3D application.
To facilitate this we work with PBR (Physically Based Rendering) materials.

3D Scanning for Reverse Engineering

Reverse Engineering is the process carried out to obtain a design or technical information of a product from that same real product itself.
High resolution 3D scanner achieves high fidelity and accuracy.
The resulting 3D mesh can be converted to CAD for study and mechanical modification or design.

Contact with us

Tell us your project.
We will study the best budget for a custom 3D scanning service, and tell you how it works.
Without commitment and with total confidentiality.

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Digital cataloging of Cultural Heritage

3D scanning, photo-texture, precise measurements

Small objects with all the details

3d scanning, photo-texture, precise measurements

3D scan an object, from the display case to the screen

3d scanning, photographic texture, photo montage

3D scan reconstruction of a discontinued spare

3d scanning, reverse engineering, 3d printing

Dahon folding e-bike

3d scanning, reverse engineering, 3d printing

3D digitalization for Reverse Engineering

3d scanning, reverse engineering, CAD

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What is the 3D scanner used for?:

Original objects transport:


We provide you with the collection and delivery service of the object to be scanned in order to offer maximum comfort.

You can also use your own means. We are in Barcelona.

If necessary, we could be who would approach the place where the original object is found with the 3D scanning equipment.