Digitization of a product for analysis by reverse engineering.

From a 3D scanner can extract technical plans for mechanical modeling 2D and 3D.

With reverse engineering the normal and natural process is reversed to reach the manufacture of a product. We start from the product to get to the technical plans.

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Digital cataloging of the historical-artistic heritage.

Preservation of public and private collections as 3D virtual objects.

The historical-artistic heritage, public or private, is unrepeatable. Unless we digitize it ... then we can repeat it as many times as we want, for many purposes.

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3D scanning of an object or product, from real to virtual.

Optimized for virtual store, augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR) ...

The possibility of converting a real object into a virtual one, opens the door to a technological universe that helps us to grow in commercial, educational, technical or recreational world.

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What is the 3D scanner used for?:

Original objects transport:

No, we do not use drones for the daily "door-to-door", but technology always strikes surprises...

We provide you with the collection and delivery service of the object to be scanned in order to offer maximum comfort.

You can also use your own means. We are in Barcelona.

If necessary, we could be who would approach the place where the original object is found with the 3D scanning equipment.