Glove puppet “Dona” (Woman)

Glove puppet “Dona” (Woman)

Museu de les Arts Escèniques de l’Institut del Teatre

Catalan puppet

Authorship: Jaume Anglès i Pallejà (1857-1919)

Date: 1899

Description: Puppet sculpted in 1899. One of the first to have glass eyes. Entry date 1977.

Measures: 56x48x10 cm

Technique/Material: Wood

Show: Used in the tribute show to Jaume Anglès, in 1978.; “English Putchinellis, more than a hundred years of tradition 1873-1978”. Barcelona: Institut del Teatre, 1979.
Francisco Porras (Barcelona 1931 – Madrid 1998). “Puppets. Teatro Popular”. Madrid: Editora Nacional, 1981

Anglès Family Found:

The Anglès family is one of the important lineages of Catalan puppetry.
Jaume Anglès i Pallejà (1857-1919) was an image maker (he carved sculptures of saints for churches); at the root of this activity, his son Jaume Anglès i Vilaplana (1888-1945) started in the stage art of puppetry, around 1902 after having learned from the puppeteer Juli Pi. His son Jaume Anglès i Guzmán also continued the family business and then his two sons Jaume and Josep Anglès i Vergara.

(Information: Museu de les Arts Escèniques de l’Institut del Teatre)

Technical characteristics of the 3D model:

3D model made with a high-resolution 3D scanner, textured with a photographic image.

Poligons: 65.000
Vertices: 32.332
Measures: 39,49 x 26,74 x 57,37 cm

Rendered with textures in PBR (Physically Based Rendering) format.

PBR are the initials of Physically Based Rendering. Such material, applied to the 3D model, shows the visual properties of the surface in a physically realistic way, so that realistic results are possible in all virtual lighting conditions.