One-piece swimsuit for women

Scanned and textured full swimsuit for woman, with features optimized for digital marketing.

Below you can see a 360º interactive presentation of a full woman swimsuit. Polygonal mesh and applied textures are optimized to compose a lightweight file so that it can be used in an online marketplace or any Augmented Reality or similar application. It can be downloaded quickly to any device, whether computer, tablet or mobile.

These types of interactive presentations can be easily added to any web page and are another element to consider for digital marketing.

3D scanning can be a useful tool for the world of digital marketing for companies in many ways and improve the customer experience. Some forms could be:

Product visualization: 3D scanning can help create 3D models of the products that companies offer. This allows customers to see products from different angles and scales, which can help increase sales.

Advertising and promotion: 3D scanning can also be useful for creating advertising and promotional images. Companies can use 3D images to create printed or digital ads, or even advertising videos.

Online content creation: it can be useful for creating online content, such as images and videos or interactive 360º presentations for websites, social networks, etc. 3D content is more attractive and interactive, which can help keep customers’ attention.

Product customization: It can also help to customize products for customers. Companies can scan customers or objects that customers want to customize and create 3D models that customers can customize through online tools.

Once the 3D presentation starts, maximize
it to full screen to observe the 360º detail

Its technical data are:
Outer part of the swimsuit: number of polygons: 43,230 – number of vertices: 22,453
Inner part of the swimsuit: number of polygons: 42,389 – number of vertices: 21,612
PBR format textures, to offer photo-realistic presence from any application or 3D edition software.