Collection and delivery of originals.

Collection and delivery of originals.

To scan an object we need to place it in front the scanner, it is obvious. To do this there are two solutions, one consist in to move the object in front the scanner and the other one is to scroll the scanner until the object.

We will take care of collecting it wherever you want and, after scanning, return it to the same place of origin. We can do it with our own means or through a courier service, depending on the place where it is to be collected. We are in Barcelona.
The object must be accompanied by the sheet with the reference of the service that we will send you by e-mail, which must be duly signed.

Other forms of shipment or collection must be agreed upon previously. Also an urgent service.

It is very important that the object be packaged and protected in accordance with its fragility and labelled with the shipping data that will be detailed in the email you will receive.

Once the scan has been performed and it has been checked correctly, we need a few days to process the captured data. Then the object can be returned.
The digitized data will be available via FTP or recorded on a DVD or USB when the processing has finished, depending on your needs.