Photo montages: real images + renderings.

We present you 3D models digitized by Scan3D with high definition scanners -from a real object- and that we have contextualized in a photographic environment, trying to visually match the result of a rendering of each 3D model and its basic photography using 3D and 2D editing software to find balance with lighting, point of view and focal length of the camera lens in real photography.

A good mesh structure (3D topology) of the model when optimizing the structure of the 3D object and textures in PBR format worked below contribute to the versatility of the model with any 3D editing software and for any device (screen) on which it will be used.

Here you will find two types of 2D images. There are photomontages composed of the rendering of the scanned 3D object, on a background of real photographic image. The other images are 3D infographics (renderings) with virtual image projects only.

We hope you like it.